Tropical Disease Reaserch and Application Center founded by C.U. in 1984 and officially approved by “Turkiye Institution of Higher Education” and started to proceed in 1985. 

TDRAC has 1200 m2 closed area with 6 laboratories which 4 of these are suitable for molecular studies (Hepa filters, negative pressure and Safe II level laminar flows). 

TRDAC has been studying on diagnosis, molecular epidemiology, detecting vectors of regional tropical and subtropical diseases like Leishmania, Tuberculosis, Malaria, and Amoebaesis, and also working in training of laboratory diagnosis and new and educational treatments of them since its foundation.  

Also there are basic facilities and knowledges about molecular epidemiological studies for PFGE, AFLP, PCR-RFLP, SSCP, SDS-PAGE, AP-PCR methods and how to use them.  

- Surveance of Nasocomial infections with PFGE ,

-Hepatit (A, B, C) Real Time PCR,






    -Heterofil Antikor IgM

    -VCA IgM

    -VCA IgG

    -EBNA IgG




-West Nil Virus (IFAT)

-Japon Ensefalit Virus (IFAT)

-Kırım Kongo Kanamalı Ateşi (IFAT)

-Leptospira (IFAT), 

-Leishmania (ITS gene region, MiniExon PCR RFLP)

-Tüberküloz (All conventional methods, IS6110 RFLP, MIRU VNTR, Spoligotyping, SSCP)

-Malaria (PCR RFLP)