Adana Health Province  Directorate: Supervising and arranging all the functions of Health and health education in the city as a representative of Ministry of Health

Adana Fight Against Tuberculosis Society: Financing 8 tuberculosis dispensaries and volunteering for the regional health activities about tuberculosis.

Collective Work: These 3 associations has been working as “Regional tuberculosis laboratory” since April 2006. With these context, dispensaries of 6 cities (Adana, Mersin, Hatay, Osmaniye, Gaziantep and Kilis) has been sending suspicious patient sputums daily and these materials tested with staining, and later with solid and liquid cultures according to the suggestions of WHO and afterwards these results reported also daily to the related clinics for the programming of treatment protocols of those patients. This service is the product of a collective organization. These procedures are free of charge and expenditures are paid by these partners. 

Between 2006 and 2007, TDRAC and Adana Health Province  Directorate arranged 7 public organizations for education and information about Bird Flu pandemia in 3 cities and also these 2 associations arranged and provided contributions to 3 certificated courses (one of them is about Leishmania and other two are about Tuberculosis) for the health workers about diagnosis and treatments about these diseases.

Activities about Public health has been strengthted by more rational use of the forces like common studies, knowledge’s, substructures, law sanctions and simpatico relationships.